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A big reason to choose WordPress: Integration

I’ve written other posts about why I recommend WordPress (see here and here), but I’ve not covered this point before: integrations. For someone who isn’t a web designer but who wants to build a professional website, your options are: WordPress Proprietary (i.e. non-open source) site-building services Examples of the latter include WIX, Web Start Today, Weebly,… Continue Reading

The Integrated Contact Manager You Didn’t Know You Had

You have your Google Contacts. And your LinkedIn Connections. And your Facebook Friends. And your Google+ People. And your Twitter Followers. And they are all siloed, separate and un-integrated. Personally, I find that frustrating. It’s not a huge issue, but wouldn’t it be nice to have an integrated list of all your social media and… Continue Reading

New Benefits For All From Your Digital Ally

I’m on a high today because I’m finally in a position to announce the developments I’ve been working on behind the scenes for some time! If you’ve visited this site over the last few days, you will have noticed many changes: – the logo (thanks to my youngest daughter, Jemima!)- the colour scheme (ditto)- the… Continue Reading

Your Digital Roadmap Planner

Your Digital Roadmap Planner is an online spreadsheet that accompanies Your Digital Strategy Manual – both of which are available to free members of this site. The spreadsheet lists nearly 30 digital-technology related projects that a micro-enterprise owner might want to consider as part of a plan to make fuller use of digital technologies. Its purpose… Continue Reading