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How to import posts and pages into a WordPress site

To import posts and pages into WordPress, you need an xml file containing the information. Most likely you, or someone else, will have created that file by exporting the information from another source – probably another WordPress site. Select Tools | Import on your WordPress Admin panel Select the source type where the original information… Continue Reading

How to link an existing domain to a hosting account

Use this guidance when you need to connect a domain to a hosting account. For example: You have just created a new domain which is going to be the primary domain of a new hosting account which you have just created You have just created a new domain and want to make it an addon… Continue Reading

How to host your first website

This how-to explains how to host your first website. If you already have a website, you should refer to the How to add a website to your hosting account. Before going through this lesson, you need to have registered a domain name. Refer to the lesson How to register a domain name. To keep things simple,… Continue Reading

How to install the YDA ready-made WordPress site

This How-To goes through the steps for installing the ready-made WordPress site that is available to PRO Members of Your Digital Ally. Before going through this, you need two things: 1) You need to have created an empty WordPress site. If you don’t know how, refer to this How-To: How to install WordPress onto a… Continue Reading

How to install WordPress onto a website

This How-To explains how to install WordPress onto your website. Before following this guidance, you will need to have a) Registered a domain, and b) Linked that domain to a website on a web hosting provider The examples below show how to do this on a website hosted by Hostgator, the webhost company we recommend… Continue Reading

How to make the most of your Title on your LinkedIn profile

The humble Title field in your LinkedIn profile is much more important than you may think, and can probably be used much more effectively than you are using it at the moment. The reason it’s important is that it is the most widely-seen attribute of your whole profile, after your name, of course. The reason… Continue Reading

Your Digital Roadmap Planner

Your Digital Roadmap Planner is an online spreadsheet that accompanies Your Digital Strategy Manual – both of which are available to free members of this site. The spreadsheet lists nearly 30 digital-technology related projects that a micro-enterprise owner might want to consider as part of a plan to make fuller use of digital technologies. Its purpose… Continue Reading

Project Overview: Staking Your Brand

This is an Overview of a Project to “Stake Your Brand” (Note that we are in the process of developing full detailed guidance for this Project.) Project Summary & Scope Your brand name embodies – or will embody over time – much of the value of your business. So it is important to make sure that,… Continue Reading