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Subject: Email


Webmail is email that is accessed through a browser, via a webmail client – which is a web-based program for reading, sending and managing emails. (Other types of email clients are desktop email clients and email apps for mobile devices.) There are two types of webmail client. The first are webmail service providers, such as Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, and iCloud.… Continue Reading

domain-based email

A domain-based email address is an email address based on your own domain, such as This is actually a bit of a fuzzy definition since ALL email addresses are based on some domain. But if it’s not a domain that you own, it’s going to be or or the domain of some other webmail provider.… Continue Reading

email client

An email client or email reader is a program for accessing and reading email. Email clients can be either desktop email clients (such as Microsoft’s Outlook and Outlook Express, or Thunderbird) or webmail clients. Continue Reading