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Subject: Creating A Website

How to install the YDA ready-made WordPress site

This How-To goes through the steps for installing the ready-made WordPress site that is available to PRO Members of Your Digital Ally. Before going through this, you need two things: 1) You need to have created an empty WordPress site. If you don’t know how, refer to this How-To: How to install WordPress onto a… Continue Reading

How to install WordPress onto a website

This How-To explains how to install WordPress onto your website. Before following this guidance, you will need to have a) Registered a domain, and b) Linked that domain to a website on a web hosting provider The examples below show how to do this on a website hosted by Hostgator, the webhost company we recommend… Continue Reading

Project Overview: Setting Up A Website

This is an Overview of a project for setting up a new website. (Note that we are in the process of developing full detailed guidance for this Project.) Project Summary & Scope This is a project to create a fully-functional WordPress-based website. The website can be a blog, a sales site, and informational site or… Continue Reading