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Your Digital KnowledgeBase Explained

Your Digital KnowledgeBase

Knowledge is useless if you can't access it - so we provide not one.... not two.... but THREE ways for you to tap into what we know about the digital world!

Access method ONE: ASK

This is the Your Digital Questions Answered service. If we have already documented an answer in the KnowledgeBase, we'll point you to that - otherwise, we'll give you a personalised answer.

Although the KB will grow over time, it will never be complete. That's why Your Digital Questions Answered is the original and primary service of Your Digital Ally.

Access Method TWO: SEARCH

Obviously, we have a search box, and that can be extremely fast and helpful.


The way we manage and organize the content within Your Digital KnowledgeBase is what determines how you can navigate around that content - so this is primarily what we mean by Your Digital KnowledgeBase.

Search works really well when you know what terms to search for. But the advantage of using Navigation is that you can find things you didn't know existed by exploring the navigation tree.

Good navigation can hugely increase the value of a knowledge base - and that's what we aim to create here.


The rest of this post explains how our navigation system works - for those people that like to have these things explained.

But if you're the sort of person that prefers to just click around and figure it out on the fly - just read the next two sentences, then stop reading and click away!

Your Digital KnowledgeBase consists of everything that appears under the Subject and Content Types navigation trees: much of this is restricted to PRO members, some is restricted to registered (Free) members, and some is publicly available.

Everything that appears under Categories is public: some of this is what makes up the public part of Your Digital KnowledgeBase.

Here is a fuller explanation.

The table below shows the top-level subject categorizations and indicates that there could, in principle, be content in each of boxes.


Subjects  gs-circle-right-16x16

Content Types gs-circle-down-16-16

Online Engagement  Business Operations Personal Productivity  Generic Tools & Systems
How Tos  xxx  xxx  xxx  xxx
Learnings  xxx  xxx  xxx  xxx
Project Overviews   xxx  xxx  xxx  xxx
Project Guides  xxx  xxx  xxx  xxx
Terms (Definitions)  xxx  xxx  xxx  xxx
... maybe more later        


The Content Types

How Tos

These are step-by-step instructions with images (and sometimes videos), that explain how to perform specific tasks.

Examples include:

  • How To edit your WordPress user profile (part of Online Engagement)
  • How To create an email forwarder in cPanel (part of Business Operations)
  • How To set up Google Drive (part of Generic Tools & Systems)

Some of these How Tos are available as public blog posts, more of them are available to registered members, and all of them are available to PRO Members


These are explanations of concepts, ideas and recommended approaches to help you make informed decisions.

They cover the "what and why" to support the "how" of the How Tos. As much as possible, we separate the two.

Sometimes you just want to know how to get something done without bothering about the theory behind it - and that's what the How Tos give you: but when you need the "theory" or background understanding, use the Learnings.

Examples of Learnings include:

  • Understanding the difference between WordPress Posts and Pages (part of Online Engagement)
  • Understanding your options for managing email accounts (part of Business Operations)
  • Understanding the idea of a Most Wanted Response (part of Online Engagement)

Some of these Learnings are available as public blog posts, more of them are available to registered members, and all of them are available to PRO Members

Project Overviews

These are short summaries of the main stages covered by the longer Project Guides (see below).

All of the Project Overviews are available as public blog posts.

Project Guides

Project Guides are combinations and How-Tos, Learnings and templates to help you create outcomes that are larger than the scope of a single How-To.

Project Guide may contain as just 3 or 4 How-Tos or perhaps tens of them.

The Build Your Own Website Project Guide is example of one of the larger Guides

Project Guides are available only to PRO Members

Glossary Terms

These are short definitions/explanations of key terminology. You can access them by hovering over the word or words wherever they appear on any page - as well as by visiting that term's glossary page.

All glossary terms are public.


The top-level Subjects.

Note that the top-level subject categorizations are the same as those used to organize the content of Your Digital Strategy Manual. If you don't have a copy of that, just register as a free member.

Online Engagement

This covers everything to do with online marketing, and a bit more besides. In it's broadest sense, it covers all online and mobile technologies that help you "engage" with prospects, customers and partners.

The term engagement is more meaningful than marketing in this context because we no longer simply send out our messages for the world to absorb. For better or for worse, we now hope, and expect, the world to answer back with it's own viewpoint.

Business Operations

This covers those business operations other than marketing.

Sub-topics include project management, backups, document management and team collaboration.

Personal Productivity

This covers topics more concerned with the individual that with teams and collaboration. However, since the focus tends to be on online tools, there is often still an element of possible collaboration and sharing involved.

Examples subtopics include task management and password management.

Generic Tools & Services

This is something of an "everything else" category.

Tools in this category are more general purpose than the others and include things such as online mindmapping and diagramming.


Blog Posts, Public Content and Categories

Pretty much all content items on this site other than the admin pages are blog posts. But not all of it is public.

Public Posts-Categories:
All public posts  are organized under Categories - as is usual with blogs.

Everything that forms part of Your Digital KnowledgeBase is organized under the Subjects and  Content Types described above: most of this is non-public.

To make it clear whether or not what you are viewing forms part of Your Digital KnowledgeBase, therre is a short note just above the little banner in the top left of the screen that indicates the status of the post:



That's it!

I hope that was helpful - but if not, it doesn't matter: as I said above, just use the navigation trees and the search facility to find what you want.

And if you're a PRO member and you can't find what you want... just ask!

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