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Your Digital Roadmap Planner

DigitalRoadmapPlannerYour Digital Roadmap Planner is an online spreadsheet that accompanies Your Digital Strategy Manual - both of which are available to free members of this site.

The spreadsheet lists nearly 30 digital-technology related projects that a micro-enterprise owner might want to consider as part of a plan to make fuller use of digital technologies.

Its purpose is to help users prioritise projects based on a set of three weighted criteria.

[If you are already a free or paid member of this site, log in to access the page with the link to the spreadsheet, and the instructions for use.]

The projects listed on the spreadsheet cover all four of the main subject-matter categories which we use to organize Your Digital KnowledgeBase:

  • Your Online Engagement
  • Your Business Operations
  • Your Personal Productivity
  • Generic Tools & Services

The Strategy Manual includes a link to the detailed guidance on how to use the spreadsheet, and also provides the background and context for it.

For example, only a proportion of the projects will be relevant to any particular business, and the Manual provides the information to enable the reader determine which they are for their business.

It explains a number of different technologies (under the same four headings) and then briefly discusses the issues associated with implementing each of the 30-odd projects listed in the spreadsheet. (There is almost a one-to-one correspondence between the technologies and the the projects - but not quite.)

That should help the user:

a) Decide which projects are at least potentially in scope for them, and

b) Decide on values for each of the criteria for each of the projects in scope.

The spreadsheet then provides an overall score for each project, and highlights the top three.

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