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I’m Alex Goodall, the person behind  Your Digital Ally.

You can get in touch with me here or connect on LinkedIn.

My Background

In previous business incarnations, I’ve been a hard-core programmer, founded and ran an AI software company (before the current round of excitement in the topic), published and edited a newsletter (in paper form – remember those?) on advanced software technologies for industry, been a project manager and was the Principle Knowledge Management Consultant for a multi-national IT services company.

I’ve “been online”, as it were, almost since there was a line to be on.

I launched my first digital product in 2006 – an organizational tool for internet marketers. That product was inspired by my knowledge management background.

In fact, my background in the two disciplines of knowledge management and project management – along with my experience in setting up and being involved in several startups – has informed much of my approach to using and teaching digital technologies – and especially digital marketing.

My vision for Your Digital Ally

My vision for this site is to provide valuable guidance and recommendations for individuals and small-to-medium sized enterprises in three core areas of digital marketing.

Marketing Automation

Social Media Management, and

WordPress Site Building and Maintenance

The goal is to simplify the (sometimes) mind-numbing process of figuring out which tool(s) to use, how to set them up, and how to continue using them effectively.

As you probably know, this is a constant moving target. New tools keep popping up. Tools add new features and evolve. The demands of digital marketing require new strategies as the major platforms that rule our lives (Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.) change their algorithms and policies.

I hope I can simplify and speed up your decision-making in your tool selection, and give you just the key ongoing guidance you need to keep getting the best out of those tools.

The site contains a mixture of key content, curated from the leading brands, and articles I write myself that make sense of it all!

I hope you find it helpful.

(BTW – if you’re interested in having your own site that makes use of auto-curated content – in any domain – let me know. I’ve become something of an expert in this. The first site I created using this approach is The Liminal Learning Portal – about the future of our civilization.)

Much – probably the majority – of the subject matter will be related to digital marketing, but it will also include topics related to personal and business productivity.

Where I Hang Out

I live in Oxford, in the UK.

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