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I’m Alex Goodall, the person behind  Your Digital Ally.

You can get in touch with me here or connect on LinkedIn.

In previous business incarnations I’ve been a hard-core programmer, founded and ran an AI software company (before the current round of excitement in the topic), published and edited a newsletter (in paper form – remember those?) on advanced software technologies for industry, been a project manager and was the Principle Knowledge Management Consultant for a multi-national IT services company.

I’ve “been online”, as it were, almost since there was a line to be on.

I launched my first digital product in 2006 – an organizational tool for internet marketers. That product was inspired by my knowledge management background.

In fact, my background in the two disciplines of knowledge management and project management – along with my experience in setting up and being involved in several startups – has informed much of my approach to using and teaching digital technologies – and especially digital marketing.

My vision for Your Digital Ally is for it to become a comprehensive resource for training and help on a wide range of digital technologies for non-programmers.

Much – probably the majority – of the subject matter will be related to digital marketing, but it will also include topics related to personal and business productivity.

The site will contain a mixture of free and paid-for training resources, ranging in length from short videos / articles to longer, in-depth courses.

From my experience as a knowledge management consultant, I have specific views on how best to structure training material. My goal is to make everything highly results-oriented, whilst not ignoring the need to properly explain concepts and contextual factors.

I fully understand that this is a very large undertaking and will not be completed in just a few months.

The question of what topics to cover and in what order is not easy to resolve: I intend being driven by input and feedback from my customers and subscribers.

Talking of which – if you’ve not yet subscribed to my newsletter – head over the home page and sign up now!

I live in Oxford, in the UK.

If you’re local to the area, come and meet me at the Oxford Internet Professionals Meetup, which I run.

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