How To Check If Your New Brand Name Exists

You’re starting a new business or brand. You want to ensure the name is not already in use. What do you do?

Back in the days of PI (pre-Internet), you’d check registered company names, trademarks etc.

But in these days of PI (pervasive-Internet), you start by checking for existing domain names. But it shouldn’t end there.

This is what I (used to) do:

  • Go to and check domain names (but I always register domains on
  • Go to Twitter and check that the relevant Twitter handle exists
  • Go to Facebook and check whether there’s a Facebook Page with that name
  • … and also check for a Google+ Page
  • … and also check for a YouTube Channel
  • …and also check on Pinterest
  • …and also check on Instagram

I’ve been through that process perhaps 7-8 times in recent years (for myself or clients) and it’s a hassle. Usually, I have five or six ideas for a brand, and have to do all that checking for each potential brand name.

And even then, it’s an incomplete check: there are hundreds of other sites where you can create branded accounts, but who’s going to bother checking them all?

Well – in future, I would!

Looking back, it was pretty stupid of me to go through that process so many times and not stop to ask myself “Is there a site/service that would make this easier?”

I know perfectly well that, whenever I have a problem or there’s something I want to achieve online that isn’t weirdly abstruse, there is always a product or a service tailor-made to my needs.

That’s where we are at on the interweb these days.

So I kicked myself when I found Knowem

You can search the 25 most popular social sites and key domains all in one go.

And if that’s not enough, you can also search 500+ more sites.

It’s brilliant – and best of all, it’s FREE!

And if you’re keen to grab your brand everywhere that counts, they offer a service to create the accounts for you – a great time-saver!

I don’t have any plans to start a new brand at the moment, but I’m almost tempted to start one just to use Knowem in earnest!

If you’re starting a new brand and find a name and test it using Knowem – let us know in the comments section – but perhaps it would be wise to do that AFTER you create your social accounts!

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