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Our CEO, Sean Leonard, was recently a guest on the Mixergy podcast explaining Marketing Automation and how companies can use it to scale their growth. Great information! Have a listen.

Joining me is yet another entrepreneur who got into marketing automation software. I’m going to ask him if thinks someone getting into the space today could still have a viable business. Sean Leonard is the founder of JumpDemand, a customer acquisition automation system.

New Feature: Smart Lead Distribution

ActiveDEMAND has very flexible automation on how leads are distributed. You can have a “Glengarry Glen Ross” lead list, you can distribute them evenly to the team, or you can distribute based on a ton of different options. Distribute leads to sales based on: -Sales territories -Round robin -Sales activity (whoever makes the most calls/sends the most emails, gets the leads) -Whoever is the hungriest and claims the lead first -Specialized salespeople for particular product lines -Other custom data from the CRM -and more

For those on our Corporate Marketer package, the ability to move leads from marketing to sales using our lead claiming feature is crucial to improving accountability. Today, we’ve added in some more features to help accommodate even more ways to distribute leads to salespeople. Marketing + Sales Acc…

Top 10+ Best Marketing Automation Software in 2021 – #marketin…

Top 10+ Best Marketing Automation Software in 2021 –

#marketingautomation #software is the go-to solution for perplexed marketers in a world with intense competition and several media platforms. With excellent CRM integrations, the software aligns the marketing and sales departments, improving the effectiveness of campaigns. #emailmarketing tools come with attractive templates that help to create relevant product-specified content, achieve multi-platform preview, and facilitate advanced email reporting. #socialmediaautomation tools generate well-structured posts that are optimized for various social media platforms, eliminating time-consuming manual tasks.

The software offers customizable #landingpage builders that make targeted promotion hassle-free. Intelligent visitor tracking tools send alerts to sales representatives by studying potential lead behaviour, starting from keywords entered to dwell time. Key lead scoring tools assign numerical figures to prospects based on their behavioural patterns that help identify potential customers without wasting time. The software maps out customer marketing funnel into a visual presentation to make planning easier.

If you want to give wings to your marketing campaigns and observe conversion rates break records, here is a list of top #marketingautomationsoftware.

HubSpot Adobe Marketo Engage #iContact Pardot SharpSpring ActiveDEMAND EngageBay Keap Mailigen Act-On Software Boosterberg Journeys by Autopilot SeoSamba SALESmanago CDP & Marketing Automation

This is pretty cool! Thanks!

This is pretty cool! Thanks!

SaaSworthy ranks ActiveDEMAND as the Highly Rated Software in Marketing Automation.

Well done teamActiveDEMAND!

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