Webinar Recap: Using First-Party Data in Email and Beyond with SparkPost

Why is first-party data so important?First-party data — which comprises data in your CRM/CDP such as customer email addresses, purchase history, behavioral tracking, etc. — lives on your website (meaning you own the data) and is typically supported by all browsers. Third-party cookies, on the other hand, are not owned by your website and are no longer supported by all internet browsers; in fact, Google is removing support for third-party cookies in 2022.“Marketing has long been addicted to this notion of targeting users using third-party cookies and spending a lot of money on advertising…That’s not how marketing is going to work going forward. Marketing should have always been a long game, and now it’s kind of forcing us to be in this long game.” April Mullen, Director of Brand & Content Marketing at SparkPostGone are the days of hemorrhaging money on advertising just to acquire new customers without focusing on retention. Ensuring the lifetime value of a customer is far more sustainable and cost-effective than simply focusing on new customer acquisition.

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