To maximise the impact of a new blog post, you should announce it on your social media sites. Here’s a video showing how to do it automatically in the fastest and simplest way using the free service IFTTT.

This just shows how to set up auto-posting to Twitter, but the process for most other social media account is the same. (Google plus requires an extra setp – but I’ll cover that in another post.)

Whenever I make a post on this blog, I automatically make a post that links to it on each of the related social networking sites. For example, my earlier post about my Twitter account:

… was automatically sent to these social media acounts:

My Twitter Account

My Facebook Page

My Google Plus account

My personal LinkedIn status feed (I don’t have a specific LinkedIn Page for Your Digital Ally yet.)

Setting  up something similar should not take you more than about an hour using  IFTTT if you already have your social media accounts set up. And it will definitely be one of the most effective hours you spend in terms of the return on activity for the time spent

This is the first and simplest form of automation you could (and should!) set up in your business. But it is nevertheless very effective. Provided you find the time to make blog posts every so often, you can avoid the embarrassing and unprofessional state of having social media accounts set up which are forlornly devoid of content, and where there’s not even any tumbleweed to distract the visitor!

It’s better to NOT to have a social media account than to have one sitting there empty.

I hope that helps.

And if there’s no follow-up blog post quite soon to explain how use IFTTT with Google Plus – feel free to get in touch and remind me! With that added, this little piece of automation training will be complete.