Money Site vs Traffic Site: Which are you building?

money site vs traffic site

What do you understand by Money Site vs Traffic Site? I believe this is a very useful concept, and I explain how I’m using, and plan to use, the idea with Your Digital Ally.

For the most part, the only people who make a distinction between money site vs traffic site are the communities discussing some advanced (and usually blackhat) SEO techniques.

However, I think it’s very useful for anyone to keep that distinction in mind – and I’ll explain why.

First of all, what’s the difference?

Money site

Simply put, a money site is the site which includes the “buy” buttons – whatever else may be on the site. Usually it includes some sort of sales copy, and any supporting information and descriptions and perhaps testimonials about the products and services. That’s where the financial transaction takes place. The job of the money site is to convert visitors to buyers.

For me, that is this site

At the moment, the only product on sale is the SocialMotiv8 Motivational Quote Images and that is pretty much the only sales page on the site for now. Because that isn’t a core product (it’s part of my optin funnel), there is no link to the sales page from the site’s navigation.

When I start publishing courses, there will, of course, be very prominent links to the relevant sales pages from the site navigation and the home page.

Traffic site

This is a site whose main function is to generate traffic through SEO and/or social media, presell (in some way) the products on sale on the money site – and then filter that traffic to the money site. Usually this mean publishing relevant content to the traffic site on a regular basis.

If that content is keyword-optimised, that helps generate traffic through SEO.

If that content (or links to it) also appears on social networks, then that should drive additional traffic to the site in two ways:

  • By the backlinks on the social networks giving the traffic site extra authority in Google’s estimation, and
  • By people directly clicking on those links and visiting the site

The final way that the traffic site generates traffic is from mailing list subscribers.

If you have a mailing list (and you should be creating one), you can mail your list whenever there is a new post and get traffic from there as well. Although those won’t be NEW visitors, any visitor helps to persuade Google that your site deserves a higher ranking. And, of course, the more visitors you get – old or new – the more likely you are to make a sale (duh!) …

… not to mention the importance of providing your subscribers with valuable information!

My traffic site

I have decided to make my traffic site as well as my money site, so they are completely integrated as far as the domain is concerned.

My other options would have been, for example: (a completely different domain), or semi-integrated as (on a sub-domain)

I can’t give you a list of pro’s and con’s for each choice – other than the obvious one of the hosting and maintenance issues of having a separate domain or sub-domain.

I chose the simplest option since I could see no reason to do anything else!

Given what I’ve said above, a traffic site is likely to contain an optin form to capture the email addresses of visitors to help build a list.

Note that, depending on the nature of your business, you may also, or instead, have the optin form on your money site where you offer a free trial of your service, or a free, reduced functionality version of your product.

As regards social media, you should integrate the posting of content on your traffic site with your social media accounts.

I’ll explain how I’ve integrated my traffic site with my social media accounts and my email list in another post. This type of automation can save a LOT of time.

Why it’s useful to distinguish between Money Site vs Traffic Site

If you have your own products, it may seem pointless to even think about the difference between the two types of site – but consider this.

You will always have just ONE money site.

But you are NOT restricted to just ONE traffic site.

Some of the advanced blackhat SEO techniques involve having tens or hundreds or even thousands of traffic sites, all focusing on ONE money site- with complex relationships between those traffic sites involving perhaps multiple rings and layers.

But even if you choose to live in a simpler, greyer world – as I do – you could easily have at least one other traffic site. Here’s how…

It’s relatively easy to create a “news aggregator” site that gets its content (perfectly legitimately) from other relevant sites in your niche. Because this site is publishing fresh content daily, it could/should do very well in Google’s eyes, and so rise in the rankings and get relevant SEO traffic. All YOU need to do is direct that traffic (in a suitable way) to your money site – via listing building or your own display ads or links.

And what makes this idea feasible is that the aggregation can be completely automated.

This is on my own todo list for the future. I’ll write about it when I implement it.

The other scenario where money site vs traffic site is a useful concept is in affiliate marketing. In fact, any decent affiliate marketer uses this idea as standard.

As an affiliate in a niche, you would normally create a site where you post content about that niche to attract traffic and build a list. In other words, as an affiliate, it’s your job to create traffic sites and pre-sell the affiliate product(s). The product vendor’s job is to create a money site that converts visitors into customers.

So – it’s a very useful concept to keep in mind.

Know what you’re doing!

When you’re creating a site, be very clear whether it’s a money site, a traffic site or a combination: and if it’s a combination, which parts are money-oriented and which are traffic-oriented.

Was this helpful?

Let me know your comments below.



2 thoughts on “Money Site vs Traffic Site: Which are you building?”

  1. Thank you Alex. I am rehashing old sites of mine and restarting – and I like your distinctions, they make good sense to me.
    I intend to have 3 Niches with a Money Site/Blog in each and up to 3 “Traffic sites” supporting each Niche. That’s a dozen sites total so it will take me a while to build and I’ll no doubt have to change my plans along the way.
    Your posts and emails have helped me to clarify my planning and I’m grateful for your assessments of principles and methods.

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