My Mentoring Resurrected

After several years of not doing any mentoring, I find myself starting TWO mentoring programs in one week.

One of them takes the form of a monthly local Meetup here in Oxford. This is an offshoot of the Oxford Internet Professionals Meetup which I took over some years ago. The normal format for these is an evening meeting in a central pub where we informally chat about anything related to the internet – usually with a marketing bias.

A while back, there were a few of us diehards still chatting after most of the others had left, when the idea of a separate mentoring-focused meeting came up. This eventually came into being last week (Tuesday) with small group of people meeting in a coffee-shop/bar in central Oxford for 2-3 hours. They had very diverse backgrounds, business skills and technical skills, all with very different needs from a mentor. However, they were all united in understanding that a common need they all had was for accountability!

I can see this continuing on a regular basis and quite possibly expanding to several such meetings per month.

(If you happen to live in or around Oxford, do come and join us! See

The second mentoring program kicked off on Thursday of last week. This is a 6-week program, over Skype + Hangouts, which I’m providing as a bonus to people who purchased the Quick Start Challenge program through my affiliate link. The QSC is a defined program of work for people who don’t already have an online business to get them to the point of earning $100 per day – supposedly in 30-days.

Unlike the local mentoring, everyone in this group will have exactly the same tasks to perform each week – so my mentoring here is – in theory at least – almost 100% accountability, with detailed oversight of weekly plans and goals.

I have to say that I’m enjoying these mentoring activities, and they are influencing my plans on what topics to cover in my Your Digital Ally training.


Are you involved in a mentoring program? Are you finding it useful/value for money?

Let me know what you think about mentoring in the digital marketing/internet marketing world.


4 thoughts on “My Mentoring Resurrected”

  1. Hi Alex, nice post! I am originally from Oxford!

    I definitely recommend getting a mentor! The majority of successful millionaire and multi-millionaire have mentors – it’s how they learn and grow. Nobody is an island… and all that!

    My mentor (Paul O’Mahony) is a hugely successful online marketer with a social media leaning. He in turn has a mentor (can’t name him as I was told not to), and he in turn has his own mentor, and so it goes up the ladder of success…

    My mentor provides me with knowledge and cutting edge updates that I would not be aware about otherwise. He also gives motivational and mindset support which I consider crucial to success – what he calls Mindset Mastery – all brilliant stuff…

    So yes, I do definitely recommend some form of mentoring, but you need to chose who carefully…

    Good luck with your journey!

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