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My Testimonial


Mentoring with Alex is a valuable asset in your IM business. Sometimes we get lost in the jungle, Alex will help you to see clearly where you are going and reset your agenda. His saying “ If you are not following your agenda then you are following someone else’s” has been most helpful to finally stop me from getting side tracked by the latest and greatest offer or system and concentrate on what I set out to do in the first place.

Michael E.

My Testimonial


I can thoroughly recommend Alex as a mentor. Apart from his technical and business expertise, he had a very calming effect on me.  Utterly sensible himself,  he kept me grounded and less prone to tangential dives. I really enjoyed being part of his group, accountable to all- we kept on turning up, even when things had gone badly wrong and our cherished plans were dashed. The camaraderie in the group really helped us to feel well supported, all on a journey together as part of a greater enterprise.  Thank you Alex and all my new friends!

In response to: “Thanks – I’m cock-a-hoop about it!”

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Ha, absolutely yes; and:

  1. You ARE a Brit and you don’t boast or hustle…
  2. I already know, like and trust you having bought from you before-
  3. -and I know that you are serious, thorough and highly responsible ( to say nothing of highly experienced-) in all that you do.
  4. I fit into Category 4 just starting out, and so I am over the moon to  belong to your list, Chief Ally! I look forward to everything that follows!

Best wishes,


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