Watch me build a new business

It’s July 1st 2017, and I’m writing the first blog post on this site. This marks the first public act as a build a new business. And you can watch me do it!

Some of you will know that this isn’t a new site. I’m relaunching it to support this new business, and I’ve removed or hidden just about everything that was on here before.

You can’t fail to have noticed how I’m describing the business since it appears at the top of every page. It’s to provide “Results-oriented digital training to individuals and SMEs“.

A simple and not particularly original idea – but it DOES address a real need. And over time, I hope it will become clear that the Your Digital Ally training WILL have some USPs that differentiate it from the competition.

I have a pretty clear idea of what they will be, but I won’t start talking about them until I have some concrete examples.

(By the way, the qualifier “results-oriented” isn’t just marketing-speak. I do have a specific approach I plan to take which will make that into a reality.)


So – this post is turning out much as I expected – rather rambling and inward-looking – but let me try and turn that around and make it relevant to YOU!

I’m aiming at four audiences – and hopefully you fit into at least one, to some degree:

End-user micro-enterprises (1-3 people) who want to make more impact on their business by smarter use of digital technologies – probably involving better online marketing for the most part. These are folk who don’t have big (or any!) budgets to pay to agencies and have to do most things themselves.

Service provider micro-enterprises (probably individuals) who support end-user organizations with web development/management, social media management, training etc. who want to run their businesses more efficiently and/or train up to provide additional services.

Professional employees in any organization who want to take more active control in promoting their personal brand online and expanding their network of contacts.

Anybody who has figured out that the online world offers significant opportunities to build a business and generate a second or even first income – but perhaps hasn’t yet managed to get all the ducks lined up in a row to make it happen!

The chances are, you fall into at least one of those categories. Personally, I’m smeared across all four, to some degree!.

Now why might this be of interest to you – whichever category(s) you may relate to?

Because, where I am RIGHT NOW, and the journey I’m about to undertake

will be an INVALUABLE case study – no matter what your level of experience.

Watch me build a new business

I’m planning to document that journey and share my successes and failures – all of which will provide excellent lessons.

And here’s the first lesson – one I know well from prior experience.

I’m currently approaching the end of the “easy” part of the journey (although it’s never felt easy!): the planning and building of enough of the “stuff” to get something out there and publicised and start building an audience.

I call it the easy part because up until now, there has been a finite number of tasks needed to get to this point, and the order they are done in is reasonably clear.

But from now on, my task list triples because:

  • I still need to keep building and refining all the “stuff” (or “infrastructure” to be a bit more formal). This is all the online assets and all the tools and systems for running the business. Building and developing and maintaining that never ends.
  • I need to actually OPERATE all the business processes (traffic generation, content creation, support, product development), and
  • I need to monitor, test and improve all elements of the business (the “stuff” and the processes), continually learning and trying out new technologies and ideas.

And it’s no longer obvious what the most important or urgent next task is!

This is the reality (and the fun!) of what happens when you build a new business, and then start running it.

So – if you want to watch me go through that process, just sign up to my new Newsletter (see the form below or at the top of the page). I’ll make sure I keep you updated.

And just in case you need any further incentive, I’ll be making various artfacts available for free to my subscribers as I go along. Worth it at 10 times the price!


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